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Application sectors:

• Pharmaceuticals and food production
• Industrial
• Retail
• Sporting facilities
• Sealing of tanks and cisterns
Teco - Industrial Division

Teco Polimeri is the fruit of more than thirty years of Research & Development experience in the chemical industry. A cutting-edge manufacturer of flooring made from resilient products, Teco is now one of just a handful of companies on the market that have what it takes to deliver unique solutions. Teco's polymer blends have what it takes to provide the right physical and aesthetic characteristics to match any set of requirements.

Teco has now completed more than 500 projects throughout Italy, in a plethora of different sectors ranging from food production to mechanical engineering, pharmaceuticals and retail. With plants located at two sites – Brescia and Turin – Teco is able to organise works on a variety of scales, from medium/large industrial facilities to small plants and executive offices.

Making the difference

Teco designs every single solution to meet the actual needs of the individual client. On the basis of the intended use of the requested flooring, all of our blends are analysed in the laboratory and prepared to cope with the type of stresses to which they will be subject in the working environment. As well as markedly prolonging the lifespan of the floor, this approach makes it possible to provide the right response even in especially complex situations, where – due to health requirements or the presence of particularly aggressive chemical agents – it is difficult to find an effective, economically sustainable, long-term solution.
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