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Here are some fundamental characteristics of Teco flooring:

• Walkable in a matter of hours.
• Different thicknesses (accurate to within a millimetre).
• Sloping and flat sections.
• Non-skid.
• Absence of expansion joints.
• Resistant to acids.
• Infinite colour options.
The great potential of resin flooring

Compared to any conventional solution, our polymers deliver markedly superior aesthetic appearance, performance and durability. These advantages are due exclusively to our in-depth study of the future usage dynamics of the surface, on the basis of which we then work on the polymers and processing cycles.

The result is a floor that is entirely defect-free, which has been designed and laid in full compliance with the practical and economic expectations of the client.

Total guarantee
All of our work is guaranteed in relation to the applications defined in the analysis phase. Teco Polimeri is one of Italy's leading names in the industry and, in partnership with specialist analysis laboratories, is able to conduct dynamic core-sample testing of surfaces. These tests are used to flag up any potential causes of subsidence in the existing surface and, on that basis, to evaluate the most effective solution.
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