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Analysis of the surfaces
Technical analysis of the surfaces onto which the floor will be laid. At this estimate stage, our technical staff not only report on the current state of the floor but also evaluate the requirement to carry out treatments geared towards giving the base layer greater solidity.

Analysis of the requested requirements
The most appropriate polymer blends are proposed on the basis of the intended use of the environment in which the floor is to be laid. This phase of the project is essential for guaranteeing the best possible results in response to the stresses to which the floor will be subject.

Definition of the processing cycles
Our technical staff carefully evaluate the processing cycle(s) that may be necessary to deliver the intended level of performance. We also provide full technical documentation on the raw materials used and on the content of the various cycles.

We operate mainly in situations where the flooring represents a “critical” factor in the production workflow, organising the processing cycles in such a way as to ensure full compliance with the technical deadlines and results envisaged in the analysis phase, thereby enabling you to get back up and running within timescales that are very difficult to achieve with alternative types of flooring.

People-centred success
No external operators – Teco Polimeri invests constantly in the training of its own teams of professionals. For this reason, a very large part of our success is due to the serious approach and precision of our in-house staff, who encapsulate the professionalism with which the owners have infused the company over the course of several decades.
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